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On December 16, 2020, at HAPPY PUPPY GATSU, the inaugural concert of a tribute band The Rolling Stones group called BED OF STONES was held.

The Rolling Stones tribute band was only formed 2 weeks ago and the personnel are:

Surya Matarama (Vocalist), Komang Arjawa Guitar & Backing Vocal, Kote (Guitar), Chandra (Bass Guitar), Cahyo (Drummer). Even though it was only formed 2 weeks ago and the practice time was less than a week, the solidarity on stage looked pretty neat. BED OF STONES just appeared at 9.30 pm. The show was opened with the appearance of bands of young people and singers, namely Imel, Anggi and Guest Star Gung Ngurah and Gung Tilem. Sweet Potatos appeared to open the event with Pop rock songs and they, although young musicians, performed nicely and received applause from the audience. Likewise, Anggi and Imel, these beautiful and sexy singers, also appeared charming and successful in getting the audience to sing and dance. Followed by the guest stars that night, Gung Ngurah and Gung Tilem, added to the heat of the night with their songs.

One more person who deserves a thumbs-up is the owner of Happy Puppy Karaoke & Resto, Mr. RICKY, who has provided such an extraordinary venue and he has created an atmosphere of the A tribute of The Rolling Stones concert that feels like a big concert because of the lighting, the LED stage backdrop is completely adjusted to the theme of the event the full video of the Rolling Stones. Hats off, Pak RICKY, who always supports musicians.

And the peak event began. BED OF STONES appeared on the stage and the audience swayed simultaneously, singing along to the songs performed by the band BED OF STONES. It felt like the audience gave up their longing to enjoy the Rolling Stones' songs because there were so many band groups in Bali that were dominated by Metal, Hard Rock, Punk Rock etc. With the debut of BED OF STONES, we all hope that more and more Tribute of The Rolling Stones musicians will emerge from hiding and can jam together on stage performing the legendary Rolling Stones songs in the world and in BALI.

We all really hope that the Regional Government of BALI will also provide support to entertainment venues and musicians who are so many on the island of BALI because the one most affected by the Covid Pandemic disaster is tourism. And cafes, restaurants, pubs and live bands are one of the attractions of BALI tourism. Because after the tourists around enjoying nature, culture and art they will definitely unwind enjoying music in hotels, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Let us all pray that this pandemic will end and BALI will rise again, BALI is excited again, BALI is again full of tourists, both International and Domestic. Please stop by HAPPY PUPPY GATSU to enjoy amazing food and drinks while karaoke with your family.

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