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 Taking place at Happy Puppy Gatsu Denpasar yesterday, December 23, 2020 BED OF STONE, which is the tribute of The ROLLING STONES, held its second concert which started at 9 pm after being filled by guest stars, the beautiful and very interesting Stone Lady stage action, namely Tri Puspa , Iva Ipank, Gek Diah-Gek Yuni 3G.

They opened The Rolling Stones Night with a very extraordinary appearance on the stage so that when the guest stars performed their flagship songs on the stage, none of the spectators sat in their chairs and all swayed to the rhythm of the songs performed by the guest stars until they were finished with their job of filling the event. as a guest star. Good job TRI PUSPA, IVA IPANG, GEK DIAH-GEK YUNI 3G. And the MC called BED OF STONES to appear on stage and the personnel got on stage, namely: SURYA MATARAMA (vocalist), KOMANG ARJAWA (guitar, backing vocals, keyboard), KOTE#2(lead guitar), CHANDRA (bass guitar) and CAHYO (drummer)

The spectators who attended were eagerly awaiting the Tribute of The Rolling Stones, namely BED OF STONES, who immediately performed the songs of THE ROLLING STONES which were very legendary in the world and in Bali in particular. And the crowd's hysteria broke when BED OF STONES performed the Rolling Stones' flagship songs whose songs were already familiar to the audience, all of whom sang that night. Again, the lighting, sound system and Back Drop LED featuring the Rolling Stones video added a special strength to the BED OF STONES performance, which that night appeared more attractive than its first performance a few days ago. The Vocalist SURYA MATARAMA sang moving, jumping right and left of the stage as well as other personnel who played their musical instruments very dynamically.

The audience caught the attention of the reporters because everyone swayed, jumped and sang along. The atmosphere was very happy that night so that all including the musicians forgot about the prolonged Covid Pandemic which of course greatly eroded the economy and the lives of people who rely on the TOURISM INDUSTRY sector.

And again the reporters take their hat off and salute the owner of HAPPY PUPPY, namely Mr. RICKY who cares for musicians and has successfully packed a Resto into a place for excellent live music performances so that the atmosphere is like a spectacular musical performance. The reporter also noticed that Mr. RICKY did not hesitate to take part in adjusting the sound and lighting which he felt was imperfect on stage. Main Product HAPPY PUPPY is indeed KARAOKE for families with various exclusive rooms and on the second floor if there is no live music or DJ performance it is functioned as a restaurant which can be used for meeting places, birthday parties or lunch and dinner parties.

Once again the Musicians (Komang Arjawa and Gung Surya Mataraman) and Mr. Ricky invite all of us to pray that the Covid Pandemic disaster will end soon and BALI Tourism will revive again, BALI is again victorious again and the economy in Bali will rise again even better. So they said

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