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This webinar activity Denpasar City Government continues to collaborate with the British Embassy in Indonesia and also the British Council-UK. This activity continued after the successful visit of the Denpasar City Government to Brighton City and a mock study to the University of Sussex The United Kingdom in 2019 and in February 2020 again collaborating on the headline "ENGLISH FOR DENPASAR", namely increasing capacity building "Leearning English" which was followed by UMKM Denpasar City, elementary and junior high school teachers in Denpasar City, as well as the Chevening (scholarship) program for Indonesian students who wish to continue their Study in UK.

In a series of virtual implementation of the 13th Denpasar Festival in 2020, the Denpasar City Government through the Denpasar City Cooperation Section held an "International Friendship City Track Session". As for the speakers, namely Ms. Yuli Vega Study UK Marketing Officer with the topic Studying and Living in the UK, IGA Berlian Alumni University of Bradford (as Champion I Duta Endek Kota Denpasar in 2016) and I Dewa Gde Sathya Deva, an Imperial College Alumni. This seminar is through the Zoom Meeting platform and takes place on Monday, December 7, 2020. This seminar aims to provide information regarding procedures for continuing studies at universities in the UK either through the regular route or through the scholarship route. The webinar was opened with a welcome speech from the Head of the Cooperation Section for the City of Denpasar, Mrs. I. Gusti Ayu Laxmy Saraswaty, SS. M.Hum and the Regional Outreach Manager of the British Embassy, ​​Mrs. Andi Poetri accompanied by the Head of the Subdivision of Domestic Cooperation (Ni Putu Desy Purnama, SS.M.Hum)

The delivery of material by Ms. Yuli Vega was continued with sharing experiences by alumni and question and answer sessions from each webinar participant regarding how the scholarship application system and which universities provide the scholarship program as well as weather, culture and lecture activities during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Participants can find out more information about universities in the UK through the link:

Hopefully this collaboration can benefit many university students who want to further improve their discipline in the UK and open opportunities for collaboration with “Sister University” for universities in Bali with universities in the UK.

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