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 On December 9, 2020, at JAMES COOK SPORTS BAR on Jln Raya Semer 100 Kerobokan Bali, the BATTLE OF THE BANDS event was held whose aim was to stimulate Balinese musicians to keep their spirits up during a pandemic that was so long and had an impact on Bali's economy and tourism.

Manager / Owner JAMES COOK SPORTS BAR Ibu MADE KINA hopes that the situation in BALI will be better and foreign and domestic tourists will come back to this beautiful, safe, peaceful and loving island. It was proven that the BATTLE OF BANDS event which was joined by 12 bands from all genres of Rock, Metal, Reggae, Top40 was held in the afternoon starting at 5 pm until finished after the simultaneous Regional Head Election. This shows that the Balinese are accustomed to living an orderly, peaceful life and implementing the local government program, namely PROTOKOL HEALTH, said Mrs. Made Kina as a commander at JAMES COOK SPORTS BAR.

The reporters who attended the event also felt that this cafe & Bar is a very cool, relaxed and worth visiting place to unwind and get bored after activities.

Visitors can relax to eat, drink according to taste and reporters also have time to see a list of very affordable food and drinks while enjoying the music, which that day is dominated by the Rock, Reggae and metal genres, is very appropriate while enjoying really good spirit drinks and snacks khaa JAMES COOK SPORTS BAR.

If you are tired of sitting in a chair, visitors can get out of their chair and play billiards, and even compete with other visitors who don't know each other because the Bar & Cafe is designed so that visitors can get to know each other and become familiar so that they can add more friends. There are many events at the cafe, especially those related to Sports, starting from watching boxing matches, football, car / motorcycle racing, etc. Of course, for sports events, visitors can see the info on the glass screen in the bar / cafe. Including live music events and bands that will perform, all information can be seen on the screen which is quite large and very clear.

So visitors can come to the cafe according to their tastes and favorite events.

Finally, Mrs. Made Kina invites us to pray that the long disaster of the Covid 19 pandemic will end soon and we all see BALI will rise more and more and please stop by and let go of fatigue and boredom at JAMES COOK SPORTS BAR on Jalan Raya Semer 100, Kerobokan Bali. .

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