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24 Bands of all genres performed in the 264th PROG.WORLD event at WARUNG BLASTER DENPASAR

 The ProgWorld event was held again for the 264th which was held at the BLASTER Warung on Jln Tukad Batanghari 69 Denpasar Bali on December 6, 2020 which started at 10 am and ended at 10 pm (12 hours). Music events that are quite tiring for the organizers but also give special satisfaction to the management of Warung BLASTER, which for the first time provides a venue for music events with a large number of bands

24 bands performing today 6 December 2020 at a blaster stall in the event day al: 1.eka swastika, 2.endrock, 3.bayu putra, 4.ariza, 5.lucky stars, 6.rocqilla, 7.gam band , 8.akaband, 9.akaduo, 10.ade karang and the stars, 11.bali metal band, 12.aliens exist, & friends, 14.bagus oka citra, 15.zeal, 16.swenia betzeba, 17 .agung dharma, 18.agung sushena djelantik, 19.bob boby, 20.manurams, 21, harshtag, 22.nurani, 23.noise, 24.dayu widya.

Warung Blaster, which has a large space with a comfortable, exclusive and full AC atmosphere and an affordable but solid food menu, the taste and ambiance of the restaurant has encouraged all the participants of the 264th PROG.WORLD event to perform optimally. There are Pop, Blues, Balinese Pop, Punk and indeed the most participants are in the rock genre besides Bang Ade Karang himself who performed with his band group with the nuances of PROGRESIVE ROCK.

Bang Ade Karang is indeed a senior musician in Bali who never goes out of style in a situation that is so difficult for tourism in Bali which automatically affects musicians and their lives, especially musicians who depend their lives from one cafe to cafe and from hotel to hotel. Because Bang Ade Karang actually wanted to perform in their lonely period, also for beginner bands they could still express themselves on stage to hone their skills and cohesiveness with their band groups so that when the pandemic was over they could still perform well in front of an audience, namely foreign and local tourists. The attraction of Bali tourism is music, because tourists come to Bali to unwind, they definitely want to relax while enjoying music at the restaurants, cafes that are scattered in Bali. However, one thing that Bang Ade Karang really hopes is that each band must be themselves and create their own works so that they can become true musicians and their works can be performed when they appear anywhere to be heard and heard to their fans, in this case foreign tourists and tourists. local.

There are still many Bang Ade Karang ideas that will be poured to close 2020, one of which is the launching of his album which of course also invites other bands to enliven his Album Launching in a cool place, of course the place is still a secret. We are waiting for further breakthroughs from Bang Ade Karang.

One thing of Bang Ade Karang's hopes and aspirations is that BALI will become a music barometer in Indonesia and there is nothing impossible that BALI will also become a barometer of world music, because it is proven that Balawan and SID already have fans in Australia and Europe and many young pearls who are reliable and have excellent skills. In playing this musical instrument in BALI, it requires attention from people who have a heart and strive tirelessly like Bang Ade Karang to the development of the world of music.

Finally, I hope BALI will rise again, we all pray that this disaster will be over soon and we will become winners, not winners by taking up arms but by lifting our guitars. Because music is also part of Worship, through music we can convey Peace, Love and Prayer. Thus added Bang Ade Karang.

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