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 On December 13, 2020 is the 265th PROG.WORLD COMMUNITY performance under the management of Bang Ade Karang and at the same time the launching of the AKATRI album (ADE KARANG TRIO) in a cool place with extraordinary stage layouts and lighting and a really cool stage background in HAPPY PUPPY RESTO & KARAOKE on Jalan Gatot Subroto Tengah Denpasar Bali. The event starts at 11.30pm and ends at 22.30pm.

In a cool place and very suitable for our live music event, the reporter had a chance to chat with Mr. RICKY, the owner of HAPPY PUPPY RESTO & KARAOKE during the Pandemic, he really supports the activities of musicians, especially Bang ADE KARANG as a senior musician in Bali who is never bored to invite good musicians who still young, until the musicians who have been poor cross from one cafe to another to stay enthusiastic and optimistic. Mr. Ricky as the cafe owner also hopes that the music event will remain a special attraction for Bali tourism. And he hopes that with a sense of optimism Bali will soon be flooded with domestic and foreign tourists, he said.

That afternoon was special for the 265th PROG.WORLD community performance because that day was the launching of the AKATRI video clip whose personnel:

 ADE KARANG- bass, keyboard & vocals.


  ALIF DAMNI: guitar & synthesizer

 Shooting location: Aero Park, Gianyar. Stel Peleng, Denpasar. Mundo studio, Sesetan, Denpasar

Song title: JNANIC MIND (open the link to see the video clip/long press)

 jnanic art is jnana yoga = intellectual yoga, mind = mind. Jnanic mind means the mind which continuously sharpens the intellectual about the existence of the universe. AKATRI is a music group that breathes PROGRESIVE ROCK and Bang Ade Karang has created more than 19 songs, all of which are Progresive Rock. The performances held by PROG.WORLD up to the 265th main goal in addition to increasing flight time on stage, Bang Ade Karang also hopes that the most important thing is that every band that is active in PROG.WORLD can be themselves with their works. At least they have their own creations that are different from bringing other people's songs which will definitely make the audience amazed. Like AXIS ZERO, HARSHTAG, AKA DUO.

There were only 2 of them but they felt like a full band and quite amazed the audience who attended.

Participants / bands that performed at Happy Puppy on 13 December 2020, among others: 1.anti disband, 2.neverland, 3.blind entertainment, 4.between the hill, 5.bob boby, 6.bayu putra, 7.wayan suardika, 8. harshtag, 9.ade coral cs , 10.aliens exist, 11.rokokvora, 12.axis zero, 13.rocqilla, 14.akaduo, 15.folium, 16.skid rock, 17.ariza, 18.revolker of random.

One more thing that amazes all of us who Bang Ade Karang still provides opportunities for people with disabilities who cannot enjoy the beauty of nature, namely BLIND ENTERTAINTS, they were born abnormal / blind since birth but their appearance is extraordinary and confident in their ability to sing and play musical instrument. It was extraordinary that day the performances of all the bands that participated in enlivening the launching of AKATRI's Clip album. Here Bang Ade Karang not only holds regular music events, but the PROGWORLD community under the management of Bang ADE KARANG has become an inspiration and motivator for the musicians "BECOME YOURSELF" and not other people through your own creations, thus we all become "TRUE MUSICIAN" You don't need to be sad because of the pandemic, playing music, including enjoying music, is the best medicine to be a winner in everything. Thus said Bang Ade Karang. We wish you success in launching the album, let's become real musicians through our own works.

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