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The Tears Of ANZAC Day Ceremony at Bali

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BALI, PANTAU- Anzac Day is a broad day of remembrance honouring all Australians and New Zealanders who have served in international conflicts, including the two World Wars. The Australian Consulate - General in Bali, along with representatives of New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta, held a dawn service to commemorate ANZAC Day on april 25th 2019.

On that day in the morning hundreds of thousands of peoples from Australians and New zealanders have gathered around Denpasar Bali, they invited to The Australian Consulate General, to remembered the nation's war of dead.

Counsellor of the New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta, Ms Barbara Welton, attended the ceremony and read "In Flander Fields" a war poem with references to the red poppies that grew over the graves of fallen soldier. Since ancient times this aromatic herb, delicious for cooking has been believed to have properties to improve the memory. Traditionally, springs of rosemary are worn on Anzac Day and sometimes on Remembrance Day, and are usually handed out by Legacy and the RSL. Rosemary has particular significance for Australians, as it is found growing wild on the Gallipoli peninsula.

Story behind of the Anzac Day is commemorates the landing at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915. The day was first commemorated in 1916 but, in the 1920’s, it became a national day of commemoration for the 18,000 New Zealanders and 60,000 Australians who lost their lives during World War I. ANZAC is the acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and is usually written now as ‘Anzac’.
Anzac Day is the solemn day of remembrance of those Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who have fought and died for their country. It is marked annually on 25 April, the anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War. Although Anzac Day doesn’t celebrate a victory, it does celebrate the tenacity, bravery and honour of all who fought, whether they died or whether they were able to return home (4,752 New Zealanders were injured).

The ANZAC Day Ceremony at the Australian Consulate-General was also attended by representatives of the Australian Defence Force and representatives of the Bali Provincial Goverment, Kodam IX Udayana, Lanud Ngurah Rai, Dan Lanal Banyuwangi, Polda Bali, Badung and The Denpasar Goverment.(Ray)
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